At the moment I’m aware of odd things that happen that don’t seem to be strange, but become so frequent that they begin to draw my attention. Small things. That unnerve me.
An example from today. I was driving to work listening to a podcast. A road was closed so I had to use my phone to give me an alternative route. As I drove someone on the podcast used the term “sovereign nation”. Almost simultaneously the voice on the phone told me to turn left into Sovereign Lane.
An odder example. Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago and we were driving to do our weekly grocery shopping. We were discussing Google and the way that its “minds” (for want of a better word) track what we do online and then surveillance culture. Then, in the middle of nowhere, we saw a man dressed in a Google tshirt carrying a Google bag and a box with the Google logo on it. Again, the type of coincidence that you could ignore. It’s just that I notice these things more and more as I get older: the public telephones that ring and use my name when I answer, places I visit then continuously seem to involve themselves in my life.
Nothing in and of itself that you could say is definitely proof of anything. But weird. Almost like being on the edge of a dream. Then I start to wonder whether I should attempt to read Jung again…

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