Oxygen, Doctor

I live in hope that from time to time that new TV Doctor Who will have decent episodes that aren’t all running around with a rapidly deflating premise and an ending that causes me to roll my eyes and groan. Each season makes it less likely. When Capaldi took on the role there was a glimmer of hope – but it soon ended up as the usual noise and no substance. There have been a handful of better episodes (the early Weeping Angels, the Vashta Nerada) but I don’t even bother to watch the show live anymore and get my Who “fix” from the classic Big Finish audios.

This week’s Oxygen was a most welcome surprise. A classic straightforward adventure: isolated base under siege. Political subtext (which wasn’t paraded front and centre) plus moments of chilling terror. Special effects nodded at the old 70s models but were very well done. Moments of surprise and a real “classic” Doctor Who cliffhanger ending. Capaldi played the Doctor perfectly. Perfectly!

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