My Top 10 Comics of 2016

At this point last year I had a list of 20 top comics and more I could have added. This year just hasn’t been as strong from my point of view and I can’t . I’ve enjoyed DC’s Rebirth a great deal: it’s been good to see DC trying to reconnect with its past coherently. The stories and art have been good – but not great. Marvel continues to slide off my pull list: apart from the Star Wars titles, I’m more or less down to Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Amazing Spider-man. It may well be that I’m getting increasingly jaded as I get older.

My “Top 10 Comics” of 2016:

  • Black Hammer (Dark Horse)
  • Providence (Avatar)
  • DC Rebirth one-shot (DC)
  • The Vision (Marvel)
  • Dept H (Dark Horse)
  • Darth Vader / Doctor Aphra (Marvel)
  • Paper Girls (Image)
  • Saga (Image)
  • Doom Patrol (DC)
  • Future Quest (DC)

What’s clear is that – with the exception of the single issue of Rebirth (which I loved!) – none of my top 10 are traditional cowl & cape titles.

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