“a movie so interesting it was actively distracting”

As enjoyable as Rogue One was, did Disney deliberately stop it from being even better? That’s one of the claims floating around the internet which I think is quite persuasive. After director Gareth Edwards had finished filming, Disney insisted on extensive script re-writes and re-shot 40% of the movie.

According to Catherine Shard at The Guardian:

It’s possible that Edwards, the man behind highly innovative sci-fi film Monsters, might in fact have made a movie so interesting it was actively distracting…

Her argument is that movie companies want spin-offs to be successful but not THAT successful and cites the Bourne and Harry Potter spin-offs which seem to have made lots of money but not enough to eclipse the success of their parent franchises. (I’m not sure that big corporations would pursue a strategy of deliberately wanting to make less money, though.)

So the theory is that Gareth Edwards directed a dark, documentary-style movie that would have blown the socks off Star Wars fans. There’s certainly some evidence for this. The second half of the film in which the rebels battle the Imperials is so much better and was when I sat up and began to really enjoy the film. There’s also scenes from the trailers that don’t turn up in the final movie (for instance there’s a gripping scene involving Jyn Erso and a TIE fighter).

I’m a sucker for “director’s cuts” and “extended editions” so I’d be definitely interested in an “original” version of Rogue One. In the same way I’d kill for a 4K original theatrical release of A New Hope.

SOURCE: The Guardian

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