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Wonder Woman Movie

It’s earnest and, sadly, a bit conventional. Literally bloodless. There’s nothing really wrong with the Wonder Woman movie, it looks pretty good, Gal Gadot…

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At the moment I’m aware of odd things that happen that don’t seem to be strange, but become so frequent that they begin to…

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Oxygen, Doctor

I live in hope that from time to time that new TV Doctor Who will have decent episodes that aren’t all running around with…

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Consider Phlebas

In a bid to increase how much prose fiction I consume I’ve set myself the target of reading a decent-sized novel once a fortnight….

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Into the Silent Sea

Set during Hellboy’s “wandering” period, in Into the Silent Sea we find him adrift at sea encountering a ninteenth century whaling ship, The Rebecca,…

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Hellboy in Hell

Over the weekend I read the ten issues of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy in Hell. It’s a masterpiece of comic storytelling. “Masterpiece” being no exaggeration….

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