That Cold You’ve Got is Actually Good for You! Huh?

I’ve had an awful cold since the weekend. It’s really made me feel grim. Glad to see there’s no real evidence of those superhuman people who are never ill. Equally, notions about genetics and some people having better immune systems seems not to have any factual basis. Also, leading a conventionally “healthier” lifestyle doesn’t seem to have the expected effect either.

For doctors and immunologists, this not only demonstrates a false understanding of the way the immune system operates – the innate and acquired systems working in tandem to neutralise infection so that a cold is, in fact, evidence of an immune system working robustly – it is an unhelpful, even dangerous way to view illness.

So: being ill with a cold is a good sign! What I gathered from the people interviewed in the piece was that people with a more positive attitude appeared to be less affected by illness. They soldiered on (and probably told everyone else how well they felt). Obvs as they say. Obvs.

Source: The Guardian

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